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This is a combination chat room / discussion board. It's pretty unique. You can instantly chat with any artist who is currently online, and whatever messages you post will be visible all throughout the day for others to view and respond to.

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Laura Star Studio

5:19:11 PM

I just got emails saying I've had some sales. Haven't been on here for some time. For the life of me I can not find where it shows the sales. please help

Linda Devaughn

6:44:34 PM

Hi! I created a business/fan FB page. When I go into FAA and select the FB page and click submit, I get an error message " this page does not have permission to install the custom page. How do I resolve it so I can post on the FB page from FAA? Thanks!!

Laura Star Studio

6:55:26 PM

Never mind, I finally found it. : )

Robert Cayne

10:31:12 PM


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